How To Make And Keep Your New Year's Style Resolutions Like A Boss

How To Make And Keep Your New Year's Style Resolutions Like A Boss

According to a recent article from, over 100 million Americans will make New Year's Resolutions, and only 10% of us will actually succeed. The author spoke about the differences between resolutions and setting goals. Resolutions tend to be lofty, and at times set unrealistic expectations, without clear plans as to how fulfill the resolution - I will work out more, I will lose weight, I will unplug more often. On the other side of the spectrum, goal setting or decision-based changes tend to carry much higher success rates, sometimes up to 90%!

The Forbes article was focused on resolutions that people typically make around work-life balance, and applying the goal setting principles to incremental (and achievable) business goals. However, the same goal setting techniques apply for every area of your life and all types of resolutions. For example, if your resolution this year is to work out more, the goal setting view of this would be to 1. Create a realistic workout schedule that fits into your life, rather than making a resolution that requires you to change your life/schedule in order to succeed; 2. Renew your gym membership, and sign up for classes that create some accountability; 3. Build in a buffer for unexpected changes in your schedule, and don't beat yourself up if things change; 4. Build in milestones or rewards for yourself, such as if you meet your goal to workout 3 days this week then you get to go out to dinner or get to get that pair of shoes you've been eyeing. You get the point...when you build an action plan, you are more likely to stick with it and achieve your goals.

The same applies to your wardrobe. We know that a lot of people make style resolutions, and we're no different. But where do you start?

We found some great tips from UK blogger, Lily Kitten, to help set you on a goal setting path to up your style game!

#1: ditch your comfort zone

Whether you’re worried about being overdressed or underdressed, confused about a dress-code or internally debating if you’ve actually got the body to pull off a leather pencil skirt, it’s easy to lose confidence when it comes to fashion.

But this year, you’re going to quit the pointless worrying and ditch your comfort zone – you’ll feel (and look) much better for it, promise.

If you want to wear a black maxi dress to casual Friday night drinks or thigh-high boots to work, go for it. Channel Rihanna and walk in like you own the place.

#2: stop paying attention to sizing

Fitting into a size 10 pair of jeans in one shop, before moving next door to discover you can’t even squeeze into a 14, is the kind of soul-destroying incident that brings a Saturday shopping trip to an abrupt end.

Unless you do the sensible thing and vow to stop obsessing over high street clothing sizes.

Sizing is massively unregulated, meaning most people vary dramatically depending on where they’re shopping. Don’t worry about the numbers on the tag and instead buy whatever is most comfortable.

#3: sort out your wardrobe

Although it’s fun to daydream about having Cher’s self-organizing, self-styling Clueless wardrobe, until technology catches up with Hollywood we’re all stuck sorting through our piles of clothes by hand.

Pull your annual spring clean forward to January and spend an afternoon getting everything in order.

Seeing all your many clothes hanging in perfect colour coordination will make it much easier to pick out a chic outfit on rushed weekday mornings!

#4: buy a decent bra

Underwear can be expensive, so it’s tempting to shop for bras on the cheap, hunting through sales and ordering online to get the best price.

The problem is, all that bargain-hunting means you’re sacrificing on quality and fit – and wearing the wrong sized bra isn’t good. As well as giving your bust zero support, squeezing into too small a cup can also make you look bigger.

So go for a proper fitting, an independent underwear shop will normally provide much better service than a big department store, and treat yourself to a new, perfectly-fitting bra.

#5: invest in one quality item

Cheap and easy is the high street’s usual approach to fashion, which is great when you’re looking a party dress you’re only planning to wear for one night only.

It’s not so good when you’re trying to build a chic wardrobe that will last the ages.

This year, invest in one key piece that fits seamlessly with your personal style, like a handbag or pair of designer shoes, in a classic design that won’t date. Your future self will thank you for it.

Read Lily Kitten's full article Here.

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

Happy New Year to you all!

2016 has been an interesting year, and not without its challenges. For most of us, we are very excited to celebrate the New Year and find ways to hit restart. A great way to check in and use self-reflection to set the tone for 2017 is to take some time for yourself and start writing. Remind yourself of the good and reflect on the not-so-good of 2016, set big goals, write a letter to yourself from the future, etc.

Let's start 2017 strong! Only you can determine your path, your mood and your future!

We love these 13 journal prompts from, and we hope they can provide some much needed inspiration as we journey ahead.

Give your self wings and fly!

1. Catalog Your Yeses And Nos

Think back on all the times you said “yes” and “no” this year — it was probably a lot, and probably with some measure of joy or sorrow, relief or dread, confidence or surprise, at times when you didn’t want to and at times when you did. In the spirit of self-reflection and growing into a more confident, empowered you, take a moment to think about some of the things you said "yes" and "no" to this year — and how you felt once you did. Make a list of the things you said “yes” to (and meant it!) and all the things you said “no” to (same!) What surprises you? What decisions are you proud of? What did you learn about the power these two small, but transformative, words can have in your life? Is there anything you want to change, going forward?

2. Mapping That One Giant, Scary Goal

Anyone who has ever taken a 12th grade seminar on mapping your future or sat through a performance review at the office has been asked to fill out a goals map. You know, they're those big, spider-webby charts with the empty boxes, designed to help you layout how you’re going to excel in college or meet your monthly deadlines, one step at a time. This isn’t like that. Instead, begin by deciding what you want to achieve this year. Write your biggest, most lofty, most intimidating heart’s desire at the top of the page — even if it seems silly, or impossible, or frivolous, or just too damn big. Now, image you’ve just accomplished your goal: free write about where you are, what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, what kind of work went into achieving this goal, how your life will change now that you’ve accomplished said goal, and how you’ll feel if your life doesn’t change now that you’ve accomplished this goal. Does your goal still seem worthwhile? If so, great! If not, turn the page and find yourself a new goal, girl. You’ve got pages and pages to brainstorm.

3. The Best (And Worst) Words Of 2016

When you think about all the words you heard (or read, or hashtagged) in 2016, what stands out? Make a list of the best and worst words you experienced throughout the last year, and what each word brings up in you — feelings, thoughts, memories, and more. What words would you like to hear more of in 2017? Are there any words you would like to use more (or less) in your own life in the year ahead?

4. The Best Moments Of 2016 — Insta-Inspired

You’ve seen those #BestOf2016 Instagram collages — nine of your fave pics from the year, organized into one totally hashtaggable cube. Take your #BestOf2016 pic (or just think about the posts you would include) and draw a similar box of nine squares in your journal. Now write about each memorable moment you chose.

5. 2016 Experienced Through Your Body

You probably don’t need me to tell you that 2016 was a rough year for women’s bodies — from the numbered sexual assault cases appearing in the media to the politicization of women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, our agency over our physical selves has been disrespected, challenged, and threatened a lot this year. Take some time to put all that behind you and focus on a moment when you felt strongest in your physical body during this past year — did you run a 10K, master that complicated yoga pose you’ve been trying, take your first Zumba class, dance around the living room Risky Business-style, design your own tattoo, or finally fall in love with all those perfect curves you see in the mirror? Put your pen to page and celebrate!

6. Host A Q&A Sesh For Yourself

Write out all the questions you have for your life in 2017 — everything, big and small, from whether this is going to be the year you really finish your novel to whether or not you should finally, finally donate that well-loved pair of jeans you’ve been saving since high school. Then answer them.

7. Recognize The Bestie In Your Life

Ask yourself: who is the one person you couldn’t have lived without this past year? Journal about everything they meant to you during the last 12 months: when they were there for you, what they helped you with, what things you couldn’t have achieved without them, and what qualities they possess that made them so invaluable to you this year. Are there any qualities or character traits they have that you wish you could grow within yourself? What great qualities do the two of you already share? And most importantly (just kidding): what kind of present are you going to get them for making such a difference to you in 2016?

8. Recognizing The Bestie In You

Who were you an absolute BFF hero to this year? (Totally cool if this is your cat, but bonus points if it’s a human person.) What kinds of things did you do to make a difference in their lives in 2016 — now is not the time to be humble, list ‘em all. What qualities or characteristics in yourself enabled you to be a best friend to someone this year — and how can you use those qualities to take better care of yourself in 2017? You deserve it too, you know.

9. Write A Love Letter…

…To the person who made you angriest or hurt you the most this year. Family or friend, famous or fictional (you never know.) Write it, don’t send it. Even if it seems impossible, even if you have to pretend to be their mother or their pet goldfish, even if your letter is only one sentence long and you tear it into a thousand angry pieces when you’re done writing it, write it. You’ll be glad you did — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday this exercise will prove valuable.

10. Write A Letter To The Past

It’ll go something like this: “Dear Me On January 1, 2016… Here is a list of all the things you totally freaked out about for no reason this past year, because they actually turned out just fine, as most things do, (except for that one thing — but you’re working on it, and I believe in you.) Here are some of the things that completely surprised you over the past 12 months — and here are all the ways you handled them well, and a couple ways you could have maybe handled them a bit better. Here are some lessons you learned in 2016, and a few you’re still working on (and that one big lesson you thought you already learned, but had to learn again. And again.) Here are all the reasons you’re going to forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it this year, and here are a few reasons you should totally celebrate what a complete badass you were…” And so on and so forth. You with me here?

11. Write A Letter From The Future

Now imagine yourself on December 31, 2017. Write yourself a letter from that future woman. What has she done in the past year? What has she learned? Where has she been? Who was meaningful to her? What books did she read? (This one is critical.) Reconnect with this letter throughout the year ahead — are you growing into the person you imagined yourself to be?

12. For Moving Forward And Letting Go

Sometimes we don’t have the best of years (for me, 2014 was especially brutal.) And that’s OK. If you had the kind of 2016 that’ll go down in record as one of the most difficult years of your life, congratulations — you just survived something awful, and now you’re walking towards the other side. Reflection will help with that. Who hurt you this past year? Who did you hurt? In what ways did you disappoint yourself, or others? What has been especially difficult to learn? What things do you wish you could go back and undo, or redo? Let it all out on the page, and then come New Year’s Eve, this is one of those journal entries you light on fire and release into the atmosphere (just make sure this journal entry is the only thing that catches fire, or your 2017 could be off to an iffy start too.)

13. Write A Gratitude List

Note who, what, where, when, (and which books!) Once you’ve got that list nailed down, add a “why” to each. Pick the one that was most meaningful to you this year, and then brainstorm how you can help add that to someone else’s gratitude list in 2017. It's always good to pay it forward.

Stylish Ways To Wear A Scarf in 2017

Stylish Ways To Wear A Scarf in 2017

We are excited to ring in the New Year! As 2017 approaches, we thought it would be fun to share more style inspiration!

The featured style image is one of our personal favorites. You will never go wrong with a layered look styled with eco-chic Naturally Knotty scarves.

Since scarves are the universal accessory and perfect for all seasons, we chose our 4 favorite seasonal looks from Vanessa Rodriguez's incredible post on her blog,! Make sure to check out all 27 looks here, and all the images below will link to an equivalent Naturally Knotty scarf.


#18. Wear A Scarf For A Pop Of Color

What is the perfect way to complete a California winter outfit? Add a scarf! In this simple, casual winter outfit I added a burgundy scarf to add a little bit of color to this otherwise classic outfit. Long coat, distressed denim, stripes and a scarf is a simple outfit formula to try.


#7. How To Wear A Scarf In The Spring

As you can see so far, there are a lot of ways to wear a scarf during the colder months—with more ideas to come! But I want you to know that scarves are a year-round accessory. Even though they are more popular in the fall and winter, you can incorporate them into your summer and spring outfits. Go with lightweight materials and pastels or summer bright colors. They are perfect for the early morning chill and can be shed later in the day if it gets too warm. In this casual spring outfit, I wore a lightweight burgundy-and-pink scarf with a fun pattern. Perfect paired with jeans, t-shirt, and a boyfriend sweater, but it could also work with shorts or a skirt and a tee or tank.


#10. How To Wear A Summer Scarf

 Lightweight skinny scarves are great for the summer! If you’re looking for a way to wear a scarf in the summer, go bright! A light summer scarf is perfect for adding an extra bit of color to a summer outfit without adding any bulk. In this summer outfit, the entire outfit was white and blue so to add some contrast I wore a bright yellow scarf. Instead of wrapping it around my neck I simply tied it half way down and let it hang.


#24: Wear A Purple Scarf In The Fall

Nothing screams fall to me more than scarves and pumpkin. (Including pumpkin pie.) If you need inspiration for a cute pumpkin patch outfit, look no further! With the subdued colors of this outfit, I wore a royal blue scarf and seasonal hat to have some fun with the look! Boots, dark-wash jeans, sweater, scarf, and hat make up a cute fall outfit for some holiday activities.