What Is Conscious Fashion?

What Is Conscious Fashion?

We've heard the saying "fashion conscious," which is the desire to wear fashionable and on-trend styles. But, what is "conscious fashion"?

The word Conscious is defined as the state of being aware of and responding to one's surroundings. Conscious fashion thus includes fashion brands that are aware of the materials they use, aware of the environmental impacts, aware of their manufacturing practices and treatment of workers, and they do all that they can to limit the negative impacts on the world.

To break it down further, conscious fashion is cruelty-free, sustainable and ethical. We all must be aware of the impacts that we are having on animals, the environment and people.

@stylebizarre ( provides a wonderful overview on the differences between Cruelty-free, sustainable and ethical, and how these all play into the Conscious Fashion realm.

"Fast fashion is what causes pollution, poor working conditions and it’s generally a quite unfair industry. If you want to be fashion conscious, buy less. Buy from smaller companies. Buy from local companies. Buy used clothes. Did I mention buy less stuff?"

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