Halloween Upcycle Craft Projects

Halloween Upcycle Craft Projects

Decorating for the holidays is one of our favorite activities. But, Holiday Decorations can create a lot of waste and take up a lot of storage space. That’s why every year I like to get my home in the holiday spirit by upcycling materials around the home into that year’s decorations. Our family and friends enjoy quality time making the crafts together, and because we’re reusing discarded materials I don’t feel guilty tossing them when the holiday ends! Here are my top 5 favorite tried and tested crafts to decorate your home for Halloween.

A fun, simple craft for all ages! Use any size bottle cap to make big and small creepy crawlies and toss them around your house and front porch for a fun spooky touch to your halloween decor.

I was excited to find this inventive way of reusing a common closet inhabitant. Maybe you’re like me and have a stash of glass light covers hid away after a redecorating session, but if not these are in plethora at your local Reuse store.

I have a problem raiding my book collection so I personally like to use old phone books (why do they keep delivering those things?!) for this craft. You can keep them simple or dress them up by adding ribbons around the stem, finding a stick for the stem or jazz it up with some glitter!

This is great craft for older kids and really ups one’s upcylce decoration game! Everyone is always impressed with this cute and innovative way to use old milk jugs.

This is a classic one, but it’s now become a yearly halloween decor tradition to help me clear out last year’s winter tights that have one too many crusty nail polish spots. The result is elegant, interesting and takes nearly no time at all which makes it my favorite go-to Halloween decoration.