Our Naturally Knotty Community Vol. 2: Jessica Belknap Make-up Artist



The process of creating the perfect imagery for our retailers is a calculated one. It takes many talented people to create a look that reflects who we are as a brand. One of those hard working people is Jessica Belknap, our talented makeup artist. We don’t know what we would do without her!

We love Jessica because of her upbeat, positive attitude, and because she not only produces beautiful work, but also educates her clients (including us) about safe body and cosmetic products. She encourages everyone to look and feel their best by sharing her knowledge about Eco-conscious beauty and self-care. Jessica is a successful Portland based make-up artist and works on commercials, weddings, editorials, senior portraits and film and video. Jessica’s awesome portfolio speaks for itself.  

Jessica grew up studying classical ballet for 15 years, if you meet her, you will notice it in her grace and poise.  It was during those years of training that stage make-up became second nature to Jessica… I have this picture in my mind of girls lined up in tight buns and tutus as Jessica applies blush and glitter…Though in reality, I am sure it played out slightly different.  Jessica’s love for the theater, costume and makeup remained strong as she graduated from high school and turned in her tutu for a chance to study at the University of Oregon’s theater department.

After college, Jessica moved to Portland to practice her artistry full-time. She was introduced to Kristen Arnett who later founded and became Editor in Chief of “Green Beauty Team” It was Kristen who first introduced Jessica to the concept of “conscious beauty” and green make-up as a possibility in a professional kit. “Green Beauty Team” is for health conscious individuals who are looking to make safer, more responsible choices when it comes to health, beauty, lifestyle and food. This includes using cosmetic products that are safe and are produced with low environmental impact, but still perform at a professional industry standard and can be used for photography, film and every day.

Jessica made the switch to a kit of all natural non-toxic products in 2011. She says. “I wouldn’t use just any product on my skin, why would I work professionally with anything else?”

We are so happy to have Jessica on the Naturally Knotty team!  Her eco-conscious and healthy standards line up perfectly with our green practices, making this collaboration a match made in artistic heaven. Jessica has been able to help grow our brands identity and maintain the fresh playful aesthetic that we love.

I asked Jessica, “If you have one styling tip for the Naturally Knotty customer what would it be?”

“I always see women wearing the wrong color of foundations. My advice would be to take a swatch on your cheek of a color you think is ‘close’ go outside and look in a mirror. If the swatch looks grey or ashy it’s too light, if it is orange or muddy looking it is too dark. You want your foundation to blend in and disappear, that’s when you know it’s right.”

You can find Jessica at  We also love her blog!

 If you are interested in learning more about Kristen Arnett’s Green Beauty Team, check it out at






Thank you Jessica for all of your hard work!