Not Just The Neck...

We have previously discussed different trends that you may be noticing this spring, from color and prints to even the revived head scarf! We love that our favorite accessory is making a come-back in a BIG way, so we thought we’d get on board and expose all of the different ways that you can accessorize with a scarf.  The idea is to bring your scarf to the forefront of your closet. Before we do that, we have to knock down some myths about scarves that may be lingering from the days when big hair and color readings were popular.

Myth 1: Your scarf has to match. Maybe if your June Cleaver…but you’re not, and its 2013! Time to have some fun with your wardrobe! Mixing and matching is the exciting part. Don’t limit your style because of some silly rule your mother taught you. (Sorry mom)

Myth 2: Silk scarves can’t be dressed down. That’s just crazy talk! Pairing a silk scarf with a basic tee and some jeans is classic and cute in a fun way!

Myth 3: Scarves are only for winter. Now hopefully we are all well aware by now that scarves can and should be worn year around. Just make sure your textiles are weather appropriate (i.e. cotton for summer…wool for winter) and rock that wrap all year long!
Now without further ado here some fun ways to mix up your scarf style….

The Scarf Belt 


Scarves As Hats


Everything Else....


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