Spring Trends We Love!

Now we admit, here in the Northwest staying on top of the latest trends for spring can be challenging. Apparently our retailers experience an extreme climate change around mid-February, while we are still scraping off the ice from our windshield. But we aren’t worried, the way we see it, that just gives us a little more time to get things right. So here are some spring trends to keep in mind as things heat up outside, and in your closet...

Trend One: Color! Make it pop! 2013 is the year for Blues and Greens, bright for spring and then toned down for fall. This trending color palette makes the perfect backdrop for saturated Reds, Oranges and Yellow. They don’t call them complimentary colors for nothing! The key is, don't be afraid to mix colors! This year there is no such thing as too much. We Suggest... A Naturally Knotty Orange Bamboo wrap, perfect for cool spring days. Or! try one of our Lime Modals!

Trend 2: Print! Scarves have always been one of those accessories that speaks volumes. This spring is about making your accessories the focal point, and what better way to do that then to find a print that speaks to your own personal style. Preferably, a loud colorful one against a soft natural palette. There is no better way to spice up a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt then with a fun printed scarf. We suggest...Floral printed Modal Or Silk Chiffon


Trend 3: Not just for necks! Head scarves are making a huge comeback this year, and what better way to revive that old silk scarf you have strategically placed over your lamp shade. Ditch the mood lighting and wrap those locks with some color and vintage flare....We Suggest Naturally Knotty Silk chiffon Or Fuchsia Modal!