A Modal Love Story

Ever walk into a dressing room and try on that perfect fitting and soft shirt that you just have to have? You reference the tag for washing instructions crossing your fingers that you can avoid dry-cleaning and you notice the fiber contents is made up of primarily Modal. 

You know you have heard this word before but you can’t seem to place it. No matter, it fits, it’s washable and it feels amazing! So you brush it off and continue your shopping.

This story is all too familiar and we’d like to put an end to this knowledge gap in hopes that you will learn to love Modal as much as we do.

Modal, in its simplest form is tree fiber. In most all cases, the Beech Tree is the primary source. This fast growing tree can be found in Europe, Asia and North America. Without getting too scientific… the Modal fibers are made by spinning reconstructed cellulose of pulped Beech wood. The result is a form of rayon that is perfect for everyday textiles.


Despite the technical construction, the Modal itself is simply one of our favorite fabrics!

The benefits of wearing Modal are initially apparent in the feel or “hand” of the garment. It is soft, smooth and gentle on any sensitive surface. Textiles made from Modal do not fibrillate, or pill, like cotton does, and are resistant to shrinkage and fading!

At Naturally Knotty we have chosen to produce a line of Modal scarves for these very reasons! In addition to the wonderful weight, drape and feel of our scarves, the modal fibers have a high water retention, and hold dye so well that we have put some of our favorite prints on them. The result: brilliant colors, beautiful designs and a scarf you will never want to take off.

So with this brief textile lesson under your belt, we urge you to visit our website, and see for yourself. Available in a wide selection of prints and colors we stand behind our Modal products and hope you fall in love with them as much as we have!